Richard Swenson on Balance

Sobering thoughts from the book In Search of Balance by Richard Swenson:

“People with great gifts are easy to find,” Emerson wrote, “but symmetrical and balanced ones, never.” I wonder if we need more “great gifts” today, or if we need more grace? Where are the symmetrical, balanced people who are great because they have the time and energy to be kind?

The hunger of our day is not for inner-demon-driven, all-stress-all-the-time, switching-focus-at-lightning-speed, constant-rebalancing workaholism—we already have literally millions of twitching rascals with prodigious productivity racing faster than photons. We have enough stuff, we have enough speed, we have plenty of progress, and we especially have a superabundance of more. But will you permit me to inquire about the status of our truth, love, faith, relationships, health, joy, depth, and peace?

What corridor do we choose if we wish to rediscover the green pastures and still waters? What set of priorities will point us in that direction?

Balance is not the Kingdom, but if our priorities lie in that direction, balance can help us sustain our focus all the way Home.


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