About me and this blog

I currently work in technical communication in an R&D company and have some background in copyediting (or copy editing, depending on which dictionary you subscribe to) as well as in research and writing for a few nonprofits in Cebu. I studied psychology in university.

I believe in the power of words and in investing time and effort in learning how to use them well. I believe that something worth writing is worth writing clearly.

I think that God meant it when he said that physical reality was good, very good, after creating it. I believe in the shalom of human flourishing, which is why I believe in innovation for the common good.

I believe that grace is not an excuse for laziness but a cure for pride. I think it’s not a coincidence that “cross” is a synonym for “intersection,” because a lot of things meet and clash there, and the clashes can lead to death but also to life. I believe that “beauty will save the world,” to the degree that grace is a thing of beauty.

Perhaps I can best describe what I want to do in this blog by quoting the following passage from one of my favorite authors.

I went with my wife and our youngest daughter, who was about 21 or 22, to one of those great aquatic jamborees, Sea World or Marine Land, I think it is called, near Disney World in Orlando, Florida. There was a lot of “Mickey Mouse” about it – thousands of tourists, gag tee shirts and loud speakers broadcasting music, etc. The main show was fantastic. There was this enormous pool full of clear turquoise-colored water and a couple of very beautiful young women and equally beautiful young men in tank suits standing up on the stage, the platform jutting out into the water. Then, all of a sudden the show began. These vast creatures, they call them killer whales, though I have never seen anything that looked less like a killer than those beasts, began to do their thing. They shot around through that water at a thousand miles an hour, leaping out of it with the sun glistening on their scales and their fins cutting through the surface of the water. The young people were somehow part of it with them — this great dance of creatures, human creatures, sunlight and crystal water. Suddenly, I found myself, of all things, with tears in my eyes. I thought, “Good God, I know I’m neurotic but I didn’t think I was that neurotic. What a shame sitting at this thing with tears in my eyes.

When it was over, as a way of comforting myself, I said to my wife and my daughter that I had had tears in my eyes. To my extraordinary comfort and great astonishment, they said they also had had tears in their eyes.
And I wondered why. I think I know why. I think what happened was that we were remembering Eden. This marvelous dance of humans and beasts and joy and freedom—and God was certainly present there—this great peaceable kingdom—this greenness and gladness and freedom from so many things that plague us. It is where we all started from, I think, in some fashion, some odd way. It is where, by God’s good grace, we are all headed.  —Frederick Buechner, Whistling in the Dark

Enjoy reading. Hope to hear from you


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